Thank you so much for your interest in Fosters Meadow and preserving our German-American heritage for future generations.  We ask you to share your interest with family and friends. 


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The committee and those providing content for this website give of themselves voluntarily and receive no remuneration.  However, we incur costs for storing artifacts and maintaining a presence in the Franklin Square Historical Society museum, just to name a couple.  If you would like to help, your monetary donation is greatly appreciated.  Please write Fosters Meadow on the memo line of your check and mail to the address shown at the bottom of this page.  Please indicate if you would like to be recognized on our donation walls (below) or donate anonymously.  Donations can be made even for funerals, "In lieu of flowers", downloadable forms are below.

We are also always on the lookout for artifacts and memorabilia.  Thank you again!

I - General Donations

Helene Christ

Mae Ross - December 2002

Liz Bailey - 2012

Paul and Pat Hoffman - 2012

Bal Hoeffner - November 2014

Paul and Pat Hoffman - November 2014

Joseph and Florence Gunther - December 2014

II - In Memory Of

Anthony Schmitt Jr. by Raymond Hoeffner - April 2012

The Gunther and Wuerfel Families by Joseph and Florence Gunther - 2014

Anthony and Cecelia (Hartman) Schmitt by Jean Schmitt - Garvey - December 2014

Henry and Louise (Kiefer) Stattel by an Anonymous Donor -  December 2014

H. Thomas and Mary (Loeffler) Rottkamp by Arlene Rottkamp - Brennan - December 2014

Anthony and Marion (Ruhl) Rottkamp  by Larry and Carol Rottkamp - January 2015

Harry A. and Helen Rose (Wulforst) Hoeg by Marilyn and Judy Hoeg - February 2015

Carolyn Gunther-Whalen by her son Thomas Whalen - March 2015

Albert and Helen (Herman) Schmitt by Kenny and Marian Schmitt - June 2015

John F. Dubon by Raymond Hoeffner - October 2015

John F. Dubon by Douglas and Kathleen (Dubon) Bausch Family - October 2015

Anthony T. Coppola (Rottkamp) by an Anonymous Donor - February 2017

George and Barbara (Kiesel) Bauer by George D. Bauer - Great Grandson  - June 2017

Henry M. and Anna C. (Rottkamp) Kiesel - by Clara Kiesel-Murphy - daughter Clara  - August 2017

Robert C. and Doris (Felten) Jones, by Jeffrey Jones Jr. - grandson  - August 2017

The Congregation of the German Evangelical St. Paul's Presbyterian Church by an Anonymous Donor - November 2019





III - In Honor Of

(Events, Marriages, Birthday, Anniversaries)


Peter Hoffman by Paul and Pat Hoffman - 2011

In Honor Of The Fosters Meadow Committee and all others who have assisted with their dedication, time, help and asistance in preserving the history of Fosters Meadow by George Bauer - October 2017


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Please write Fosters Meadow on the memo line of the check.


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