Our family gives thanks to Grand Aunt Theresa Wulforst for leaving a treasured list of names of the first Wulforst generations to America.


Three sons of Johann Wulforst and Justina Jürgens , John (b. 1823), Henry (b. 1828) and Franz (b. 1831) arrived in New York in 1848 from Borgentreich in the present day state of Westphalia. They settled in the Town of Newtown, Queens County and began farming near Astoria, married and started raising their families. It was members of the next generation that came to Fosters Meadow probably because of the many families who settled there were originally from Borgentreich and the nearby village of Grosseneder.


At this time, I have no knowledge of any children of John (1823) in Fosters Meadow as they remained in western Queens County.


Henry (1828) and his wife Sabina Haverkamp had ten children:


  1. John Wulforst (1853-1920)

  2. Mary Wulforst Kiesel (1855-1917) – Fosters Meadow *

  3. Frank Wulforst (1858-1930) – Fosters Meadow *

  4. Anna Wulforst Greiner (1862-1904)

  5. Fredrick Wulforst (1858-1905)

  6. Theresa Wulforst Rottkamp (1865-1928) Fosters Meadow *

  7. Henrick C. Wulforst (1868-1913)

  8. Joseph G. Wulforst (1871-

  9. Aloysius (a.k.a. Alexander) Wulforst 1872-1928)

10 .Elizabeth Wulforst Himmel (1873-1945)


Three of them lived in Fosters Meadow as follows:


Mary ( 1857) married Henry Kiesel in 1876 and they originally farmed in the Town of Flushing. By 1900 they were farming in Elmont. Two of their eleven children married Fosters Meadow residents. Anna Kiesel (1878) married Joseph Franz Hartmann in 1897 and three of their eight children married Rottkamps and one a Schmitt. Alexander Kiesel (1890) married Caroline Rottkamp in 1923 but they farmed in Hicksville.


Frank (1858) appears to be the first Wulforst to move to Fosters Meadow. He married Margaret Krummenacker in 1883 and farmed in the Town of Jamaica. Their son, Henry (1883) married Elizabeth Froehlich in 1908 and his brother, Frank (1887) married her sister, Mary Froehlich in 1913.


Theresa (1865) married Henry Rottkamp in 1884 and they farmed on Hempstead Turnpike. Of their eleven children, seven married residents of Fosters Meadow. John (1886), Henry (1890) and Bernard (1892) Rottkamp married three sisters, Amelia, Clara and Elizabeth March, respectively. Marie Rottkamp (1887) married John Finn, Jacob Rottkamp (1896) married Mary Ann Stattel, Joseph Rottkamp (1898) married Barbara Krummenacker and William Rottkamp (1904) married Louisa Kappelmeier.


Franz (1831) married Elisabeth Schmitt around 1860 and they farmed in Astoria. Two of their five children lived in Fosters Meadow as follows:


Henry (1864) married Caroline Froehlich at St Boniface in 1889. Three of their five children married into Foster Meadow families. Theresa (1895) married Philip Hoeffner at St Boniface in 1895. Louisa (1897) married Joseph Rose around 1919. John married Madeline Hoeffner in 1927.


Franz (1872) married Anna Maria Zimmer at St Boniface in 1897.


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Many thanks to Paul Hoffman who provided many missing links.